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Bell Stainless Steel Extractor Manifolds - Spitfire

Bell Stainless Steel Extractor Manifolds - Spitfire

De 432,00 €

Extractor manifolds are designed to help the air exit the engine as quickly, efficiently and balanced as possible. Standard exhaust manifolds have a tenancy to create back pressure, resulting in lower fuel economy, power, and, less noise. Bells extractor manifolds have been designed with all this in mind, and coupled with their sports exhaust system, the differences are noticeable, especially when used as a supporting modification for higher power engine builds. Built from 100% stainless steel, these beautifully built extractor manifolds will also help tidy up the engine bay.

Please note: Sports exhaust system sold separately. A bell stainless steel link pipe is also required to fit the extractor manifolds to the sports exhaust system.


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