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Dynamat Insulation

BCC Dynamat Insulation

What is Dynamat?
Dynamat is a thin, flexible, easy to cut and mold sheet that actually stops noise causing resonance and vibration, by using visco-elastic qualities that promote vibro-acoustic energy conversion. In short, that means noise becomes silent energy.

Dynamat uses a process called ‘damping’ – which in simple terms – is the process of restraining vibration (noise) by dissipating or using up the energy causing those vibrations. Dynamat converts the movement of the vibration and turns it into silent low-grade thermal energy. No more noise = problem solved at source.

There are 2 steps to a quieter, cooler, better feeling great car…. Combine Dynamat with Dynaliner and you get the benefits of both products.

STEP 1: Dynamat – Deaden The Noise 
Dynamat is best for noise reduction with some heat reduction… Start with firewalls/bulkheads, floors, doors, roofs, wheel arches, under bonnet, boot lid. We supply two types of Dynamat noise insulation, Dynamat Xtreme or Dynamat Superlite.

STEP 2: Dynaliner – Insulate Against Heat
Apply Dynaliner over the top of Dynamat to reduce heat soak by up to 70%. Also helps with noise reduction. Ideal for floor pans, bulkheads, inner wings, inside roof panels & hard tops, doors, bonnet & boot lid. Calculate the area of the vehicle you want to cover…


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