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Front Suspension Coil Over Conversion - MGB & GT V8

Front Suspension Coil Over Conversion - MGB & GT V8

This tried and tested conversion brings the MGBs front suspension up to modern standards of handling, road holding and ride comfort, by combining the spring and damper into a single unit.

This conversion enables the old lever arm dampers to be discarded and replaced with a sturdy top wishbone assembly (which can be removed at any time to return the car to standard). When fitted, the dynamic suspension offers the MGB owner a number of improvements including a more positive ride, lighter steering, responsive suspension when cornering at speed and, the ability to adjust the cars ride height.

The road springs are retained by collars on the dampers allowing the spring and damper to work together, providing better ride and control.

The lower collar on the damper is screw adjustable - allowing the ride hieght to be adjusted.
All major components are coated in a corrosion resistant finish, and the kit comes complete with:

  • New lower spring pans
  • Upper wishbones and mounting blocks
  • Neoprene upper wishbone and damper mounting bushes
  • Shock absorber unit and spring
  • Mounting hardware
  • Fitting instructions

Installation is straightforward and the whole conversion can be completed within 4-5 hours.

Note: QTEC & GAZ dampers are interchangeable. Some modification will be needed to fit Spax dampers.
  Déscription Prix
Coil Over Conversion Kit, front, Gaz Part Number: TMG40750G Application: MGB Roadster (Standard Road)
1 088,40 €
Coil Over Conversion Kit, front, Gaz Part Number: TMG40751G Application: MGB Roadster (Fast Road), MGB GT & V8 (Standard Road)
1 088,40 €
Coil Over Conversion Kit, front, Gaz Part Number: TMG40752G Application: MGB GT & V8 (Fast Road)
1 088,40 €
Shock Absorber, replacement, Gaz, each Part Number: TMG49025 Application: All
212,64 €
Shock Absorber, replacement, QTEC, each Part Number: TMG49062 Application: All
Shock Absorber, replacement, Spax, each Part Number: TMG49025S
278,40 €
Superpro Bush Kit, Gaz shock absorbers, top, polyurethane Part Number: TMG49025ASPK
38,28 €
Superpro Bush Kit, Gaz shock absorbers, bottom, polyurethane Part Number: TMG49025BSPK
40,20 €
Spring, standard 400lbs x 7, replacement Part Number: TMG49021
130,08 €
Spring, standard 450lbs x 7, replacement Part Number: TMG4902A
130,08 €
Spring, standard 475lbs x 6, replacement Part Number: TMG4902
116,88 €
Spring, standard 475lbs x 7, replacement Part Number: TMG49024
115,32 €
Spring, fast road 500lbs x 6, replacement Part Number: TMG4903
110,40 €
Spring, fast road 500lbs x 7, replacement Part Number: TMG49034
115,32 €
Spring, sport/sprint 525lbs x 6, replacement Part Number: TMG4904
110,40 €
Spring, sport/sprint 525lbs x 7, replacement Part Number: TMG49043
130,08 €
Spring, race 550lbs x 6, replacement Part Number: TMG4905
110,40 €
Spanner, spring collars, C shape Part Number: TMG4901 Application: All
16,80 €
Bracket, lower damping mounting Part Number: TMG49131
109,44 €
Spindle, upper Part Number: TMG49102
27,24 €