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Dynamat Dynaliner - Step 2 - Heat Insulation

Dynamat Dynaliner - Step 2 - Heat Insulation

De 81,30 €

Dynamat is a revolutionary range of products designed to keep your classic cool & quiet.
  • Isolates panel vibration
  • Reduces road noise
  • Reduces heat soak from engine & exhaust
  • Non absorbent materials
  • Self adhesive ‘peel & stick’
  • Easily cut & moulded to fit
Once you have completed Dynamat Xtreme Step 1 - Sound Insulation to deaden the noise, the next step is to combine it with Dynaliner to insulate the heat, giving a cooler, better feeling great car…..

Step 2 - Insulate against heat
Apply Dynaliner over the top of Dynamat Xtreme or Superlite to reduce heat soak by up to 70% and help with noise reduction.

Dynaliner is an ultra-light weight, durable single layer insulation material that can be used as an alternative to traditional underfelt. It provides acoustic isolation and excellent thermal insulation. Dynaliner is also crush & tear resistant, it does not absorb water and is not affected by oil. It is available in a variety of thicknesses to suit the application.

Recommended usage: Use over the top of Dynamat Xtreme or Superlite but under carpets & behind trim panels. Ideal for floor pans, bulkheads, inner wings, inside roof panels & hard tops, doors, bonnet & boot lid.

Designed specifically for under bonnet insulation Hoodliner absorbs engine noise to help keep your car quieter. The aluminized skin creates a water & oil barrier that reflects up to 97% of radiant heat to protect the bonnet’s paint.

All Dynamat products are ideal for use in convertibles as it is non-absorbent, so leaks can be more easily dried out and moisture isn’t trapped against panel work causing mildew or rust.

Dynamat products are sold in various sheet sizes and can easily be cut and moulded to suit the shapes required for the inner panels of your car. We recommend you template your car first to ensure minimal waste.
  Déscription Prix
Dynaliner - 1/8" thick, single sheet Part Number: GAC90531 Notes: Pack contains 1 sheet of 813mm x 1372mm (32" x 54")
97,56 €
Dynaliner - 1/4" thick, single sheet Part Number: GAC90532 Notes: Pack contains 1 sheet of 813mm x 1372mm (32" x 54")
139,56 €
Dynaliner - 1/2" thick, single sheet Part Number: GAC90534 Notes: Pack contains 1 sheet of 813mm x 1372mm (32" x 54")
174,72 €
Hoodliner, single sheet Part Number: GAC90541 Notes: Pack contains 1 sheet of 813mm x 1372mm (32" x 54")
132,48 €

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