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Sound & Heat Insulation Material

Sound & Heat Insulation Material

De 9,30 €

These materials are designed to insulate against heat and sound deaden bulkheads and under bonnet areas. Both materials can be easily cut to shape and fixed using contact trim adhesive.

Foil Heatshield
This foil covered heat and sound deadening material can be installed under carpets, over the transmission tunnel, against bulkheads, etc. Insulates against hot and cold and deadens noise.The insulation material is lightweight, has a layer of foil on both sides and will not absorb moisture.

Sound Deadening Pads
These 'bitumen' type pads are designed to be stuck to panel work to prevent drumming. They have a self adhesive backing. Warm gently to make them pliable and easy to install.

  Déscription Prix
Foil Faced Heatshield Part Number: 409-016 Notes: Size = 1.21m x 1.82m (48" x 72")
50,76 €
Sound Deadening Pad, self adhesive, bitumen type Part Number: CHM228 Notes: Size = 300mm x 190mm (12" x 7.5")
11,16 €
Trim Adhesive, high temperature, aerosol, 400ml Part Number: GAC9908X Notes: Ideal for use with heat insulation materials.
18,12 €
Trim Adhesive, standard, brush-on 1 litre Part Number: UBS110
36,72 €

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