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Tap & Die Set, Whitworth, 23 piece

62,52 €

En Stock

Classic car enthusiasts are familiar with the world's first national screw thread standard, BSW (Whitworth), devised and specified by Joseph Whitworth in 1841. By mid-century the Whitworth standards of measurement were thoroughly recognised and established throughout the UK, the standard being used by the military, the railways and into the twentieth century with motor car and motor cycle manufacturers. There are two standards of Whitworth fasteners, as during WW2 the sizes of nut and bolt heads were reduced to save metal, but reduced by one full size, so that the same spanners and sockets could be used. The fasteners were mostly phased out by the 1960s but are still found on older classic cars and motorbikes and of course are still specified when carrying out a fastidious and correct restoration.

A comprehensive set, it includes one tap wrench and one die wrench plus 7 dies: 1/8-40BSW, 3/16-24BSW, 1/4-20BSW, 5/16-18BSW, 3/8-16BSW, 7/16-14BSW and 1/2- 12BSW.

Fourteen taps are included (taper and plug): 1/8-40BSW, 3/16-24BSW, 1/4-20BSW, 5/16-18BSW, 3/8-16BSW, 7/16-13BSW and 1/2-12BSW.

  • Supplied in metal storage case.
  • For use on old British cars and motorcycles.
  • Made from carbon steel.
  • Includes one tap wrench and one die wrench.
  • 7 Dies 1/8-40BSW 3/16-24BSW 1/4-20BSW 5/16-18BSW 3/8-16BSW 7/16-14BSW 1/2- 12BSW.
  • 14 Taps 1/8-40BSW 3/16-24BSW 1/4-20BSW 5/16-18BSW 3/8-16BSW 7/16-13BSW 1/2-12BSW.

Référence : MTR011101

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      Marque Gunson
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