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Smiths Classic Electronic Gauges

Smiths Classic Electronic Gauges

De 91,20 €

These new Smiths Classic digital speedos and tachos are designed for heritage cars and are the perfect way to bring modern technology into your much loved classic. The Smiths Classic digital gauges measure either 100mm (4in) or 80mm (3.15") in diameter and feature a polished chrome bezel with black gauge face and white lettering.

Supplied with: Gauge, gauge loom (plug for gauge and push button for screen), gauge fitting bracket and installation instructions.

If your car does not have an electronic speedo output, our speedo sensor kit (GAE1551) will also be required, which senses a magnetic object, such as a bolt head or a nut, moving past the end of the sensor, creating a 'pulse' which is sent to the gauge and then translated. This is not as difficult to set up as it may seem and will work with bolt heads from the prop shaft or differential.

Please Note: Suitable for negative earth cars only.

  Déscription Prix
Gauge, speedo, electronic, 0-140MPH, black, 100mm Part Number: GAE155 Notes: Negative Earth
289,92 €
Gauge, speedo, electronic, 0-240KPH, black, 100mm Part Number: GAE157 Notes: Negative Earth
289,92 €
Gauge, tacho, electronic, 0-7000rpm, black, 100mm Part Number: GAE156 Notes: Negative Earth
220,80 €
Gauge, speedo, electronic, 0-140MPH, black, 80mm Part Number: GAE165 Notes: Negative Earth
364,20 €
Gauge, speedo, electronic, 0-240KPH, black, 80mm Part Number: GAE167 Notes: Negative Earth
364,20 €
Gauge, tacho, electronic, 0-7000rpm, black, 80mm Part Number: GAE166 Notes: Negative Earth
276,00 €
Sensor, speedo, electronic Part Number: GAE1551
91,20 €