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SuperPro Polyurethane Rear Suspension Bush Sets - Minor

SuperPro Polyurethane Rear Suspension Bush Sets - Minor

SuperPro Polyurethane rear suspension bushes for Minor. Polyurethane is the best solution for road use. It gives improved location without having a detrimental effect on noise levels or a harsh ride. Added advantages are improved longevity, and unlike rubber, it is not affect by U.V. light, water, salt, oil, or petrol. Supplied with a steel sleeve where neccessary and the all important grease that must be applied on both the inside and outside of the bush to avoid squeaking and premature damage to the bush.

  Déscription Prix
Bush Set, leaf spring eye, front Part Number: AAA3627SPK Notes: Axle set Application: 
32,52 €
Bush Set, leaf spring eye & shackle, rear Part Number: ACA5242SPKR Notes: Axle set Application: 
53,88 €
Bush Set, leaf spring saddle mount Part Number: ACA5138SPK Notes: Axle set Application: 
58,32 €
Bush Set, damper eye Part Number: ACB8871SPK Notes: Each Application: 
Minor, Van & Pick-up only
19,56 €