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Switchback LED side light & indicator bulbs

36,72 €

En Stock

Switchback LED bulbs utilise the same lamp for both side light and indicator, switching off the sidelight when the indicator is switched on and brings it back on once the indicator is switched off again. These bulbs will fit Mx5 Mk1 and Mk2/2.5 indicator housings, aswell as our Mk1 TSI's 903-202.

Please note: Requires re-using rubber seal from original indicator bulb housing .

Minor wiring modifications are required.

1156/ BA15S/ 382 bulb type only, not compatible with US wiring models

For fitting instructions, please see 'details' box below.

Note: Please check your local vehicle testing authority and legislation before purchasing and fitting this product. In some countries fitting an aftermarket part may cause failure at vehicle testing. This item is not TUV-approved.

Référence : GLB382MX

  • Description
    • To install these remove the lamp unit and bulbs, connect indicator bulb, then connect the loose wire to (+) of the sidelight wire. At this stage you can use a t-tap wire connector so you don't have cut OEM wiring. Lastly make sure the resistor is well secured and not in contact with any wires. Once these are done just connect the spade terminal to t-tap and it's ready to put everything back together.

  • Caractéristiques
    • Année 00 - 05, 89 - 99
      Modele MX-5 Mk1, MX-5 Mk2, MX-5 Mk2.5
      Nombre d’article Pair
      Application MX-5 Mk1, MX-5 Mk2, MX-5 Mk2.5
      Marque Unbranded
      Caractéristique New

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