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Dynamat - Additional Insulation

Dynamat - Additional Insulation

De 210,00 €

Dynamat is a revolutionary range of products designed to control the noise and heat keeping your classic cool & quiet.

  • Deadens panel vibration.
  • Reduces road noise.
  • Reduces heat soak from engine & exhaust.
  • Non absorbent materials.
  • Self adhesive ‘peel & stick’.
  • Easily cut & moulded to fit.

Dynamat’s Xtreme, Superlite and Dynaliner products are a superior replacement for heat and sound insulation, deadening noise and reducing heat soak. Additionally, Dynamat offer a range of products to enhance your heat and sound insulations.


Dynadeck is a weather proof and wear resistant material ideal for replacing carpet, hardura and rubber type materials in classic cars. Dynadeck combines a 1/8” thick embossed, textured vinyl covering with a 1/4” Dynaliner backing. Non-adhesive so it can be removed for cleaning etc.

DynaPad is a four layer composite barrier for extra hard to control noise problems. It is a heavy, one pound per square foot mat for use on diesel truck floors and car audio installations. DynaPad has a vinyl barrier between two layers of acoustic foam and a waterproof poly facing. It has no adhesive so it can be reused.

Dynaplate is a very thin, strong and light weight sound deadener. The solid aluminum sheet is self-adhesive. Use Dynaplate where space is an issue or to bridge openings in body panels. It’s a great product to help turn a door into a speaker enclosure.

All Dynamat products are ideal for use in convertibles as they are non-absorbent, so leaks can be more easily dried out and moisture isn’t trapped against panelwork causing mildew or rust. Dynamat products are sold in various sheet sizes and can easily be cut and shaped to suit the contours of the inner panels of your car. We recommend you template your car first to ensure minimal waste.
  Déscription Prix
Dynadeck - 3/8" thick, 3ft Part Number: GAC90551
321,60 €
Dynadeck - 3/8" thick, 6ft Part Number: GAC90552
625,20 €
Dynadeck - 3/8" thick, 12ft Part Number: GAC90554
1 078,80 €
Dynapad - 3/8" thick, single sheet Part Number: GAC90571
252,00 €
Dynaplate - 1/100" thick, three sheets Part Number: GAC90561
423,60 €

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